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Directors and Executive Officers

Our board of directors consists of six directors, a majority of whom have been determined by our board of directors to be independent in accordance with the independence standards of the New York Stock Exchange. Our board of directors consists of Dean Jernigan, who is the chairman, Mark O. Decker, Sam J. Jenkins, Howard A. Silver, Harry J. Thie, and John Good. Upon the expiration of their current terms at the annual meeting of stockholders in 2016, directors will be elected to serve a term of one year. Our bylaws provide that a majority of the entire board of directors may establish, increase or decrease the number of directors, provided that the number of directors shall never be less than one, which is the minimum number required by the Maryland General Corporation Law, or MGCL, nor more than 15. All of our executive officers serve at the discretion of our board of directors. The following table sets forth certain information about our directors and executive officers.

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